The GreenLine suite uses a blend of highly interactive in-class training, e-learning and video content. This results in a more personalised learning experience and increased control over the time, place, path and or pace of learning.

Supported by the latest in behavioural change technology GreenLine is the performance baseline for your organisational culture, it’s a Cultural Change Initiative and that’s our commitment to you.

Why Does It Work?

Based in Brain

Principles are rooted in the science of how brains really work. They are not limited to age, culture, language or personality type.


The solution is simplified into “what to do” – The 7 Green Card behaviours and “what not to do” – The 7 Red Cards behaviours.


We don’t have time to learn complex systems. GreenLine is simple, easy to learn and immediately applicable.


The application of the GreenLine is flexible, adapting to culture,
individual style or personal preference.