How We Do It

We use a blend of highly interactive virtual classrooms, e-learning and in-class training.

The basic unit of currency of all business interaction is the single conversation.

Greenline Conversations©

GreenLine is used globally by individuals, teams and organisations. It is a communication methodology created to improve the way they communicate, collaborate and connect during times of chaos or uncertainty. GreenLine is backed by neuroscience and enables people to stay more focused, connected, engaged and productive in all circumstances.

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A more personalised learning experience.

Each conversation has the potential to either grease the wheels of the business machine or inflict costly wear and tear, or even breakdown. GreenLine Conversations© provides a scientifically-backed methodology that enables all conversations to be more productive, create greater commitment and get better results.


How we work

Online Learning

Virtual Learning

Our Virtual Learning Suite consists of engaging and interactive instructor led virtual classrooms as well as specially designed e-leaning modules and an embedding journey created to provide learners with a unique and engaging learning experience.

Training & Workshops

Training & Workshops

Deeply impactful, experiential, multimedia facilitated workshop. A highly interactive in-person course providing participants with an understanding of the value of impactful conversations & the ability to identify opportunities to have them.


Keynotes and Webinars

Whether it’s a corporate-wide event or a leadership group we have a variety of highly engaging, thought provoking and inspiring tailored speaker formats to offer. Keynotes and webinars are all delivered by internationally experienced speakers.

Why This Works

Based in Brain Science

Based in Brain Science

GreenLine Conversations© principles are rooted in the science of how brains really work. As a result, they are universal and not limited to age, culture, language or personality type.



The solution is synthesized into ‘what to do’ – The 7 Green Cards and ‘what not to do‘ – The 7 Red Cards.



The application of the GreenLine Conversations© principles are flexible, adapting to culture, individual style or personal preference.



Increasingly the majority of work is done with and through others. People don’t have time to learn complex systems. GreenLine Conversations© is simple, easy to learn and immediately applicable.


GreenLine gave us the tools to handle difficult conversations and gain commitment from teams and clients.

Rosemarie KaraogluManager Support Services - TJS

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