Two Sides to the Recognition Coin – Mechanics and Humanics

Did you know *46 billion dollars is spent on employee recognition every year in the USA alone, but half employees don’t even know a programme exists? (*Bersin/Deloitte)

I go to the gym regularly every week, I love it, I follow a strict programme. The more I enjoyed training, the more I realised the training part is only one side of the coin. The other side is nutrition and sleep. For a long time, I completely missed the other side of the coin.

When we only focus on one side of the coin, the other side suffers. We don’t get a holistic result.

It is always easier for us to focus on the mechanics of business. In the case of employee recognition, the policy and process of having a recognition system. What most organisations forget is the business is about humans, it is about us people.

We need to start with the “humanics” (as we call it in GreenLine) of the business, we start with the people. Then we add the best mechanic possible to engage the people.

When we look at every process through the “2 sides of the coin” lens, we get better results.

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