Ensuring Effective Communication With A New Boss

When a new boss joins a company, they are met with either fear or excitement. Employee fear is justified. Research of American companies shows when a new boss joins a company, turnover can increase by 26%.

A new boss is often like a new sports manager, they like to bring the “backroom team” that helped them succeed in a previous organisation. This means a new communication style is introduced to the organisation.

In turn, this means many employees fail to communicate their value to the business in an effective way. All of a sudden there is a mix of communication styles in the business and there are casualties. Some are a natural part of the evolution of businesses, but some are due to a failure to communicate.

This is often the moment when Greenline Conversations is implemented in a business. By providing a powerful platform to promote better quality conversations, the GreenLine Conversation model creates an environment best suited for innovation to occur as it supports the expression of ideas and better collaboration. It empowers individuals to better manage challenges both in the workplace and in life.

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